Commencing June 2001 we began a concerted effort to formalize and increase Leonard's Informix knowledge and skills. This training has been completed.

CBT (Computer Based Training)

  • Relational Principles (CBT-551)
  • SQL Programming: Data Handling Techniques (CBT-563)
  • SQL Programming: Database Queries (CBT-562)
  • Developing Applications Usihng Informix 4GL (CBT-296)
  • Managing and Optimizing Informix Dynamic Server (equivalent to FN-848)
  • Informix Dynamic Server Systems Administration (equivalent to L1-846 Unix)

Classroom Instruction

  • FN-757: IBM Informix Advanced Structured Query Language 5/30/2001
  • CS-R-3: Custom 3 day regional version 7x to 9x Migration 6/12/2001
  • FN-910: IBM Informix Data Migration and Reorganization 6/18/2001
  • L2-403: IBM Informix Dynamic Server Performance Tuning 7/24/2001
  • L2-748: IBM Informix Dynamic Server Backup & Restore 8/20/2001
  • L2-578: IBM Dynamic Server Internal Architecture 12/4/2001
  • L1-903: Developing Applications Using Java 12/178/2001
  • L1-007: Developing Applications Using IBM Informix 4GL 01/08/2002
  • FN-335: IBM Informix Stored Procedures and Triggers 01/24/2002
  • L2-224: Advanced IBM Informix 4GL 2/20/2002
  • L1-846 System Administration: Informix Dynamic Server (Windows NT) 3/5/2002
  • L2-880: Troubleshooting IBM Informix Dynamic Server 03/26/2002
  • L2-904: Advanced Java Programming 4/22/2002
  • L1-846: IBM Informix Dynamic Server Systems Administration (Unix) 05/14/2002